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Dual Pointer Compound Pressure Gauge System

Dual pointer 4:1 compound pressure indicator systems deliver accurate measurements for mud, cementing, acidizing and fracturing operations. The systems are designed to provide a quick, accurate display of pump pressure. Main applications are for downhole cementing, high pressure hydraulic fracturing or acidizing oil pay operations. The system consists of a 6-inch pressure gauge, a gauge protector, and a high-pressure Hose.


-Standard capacities include: 4,000psi, 8,000psi, 10,000psi, 12,000psi and 16,000psi.

-Diaphragm rubber gauge protector and1:1 piston separator comes complete with weco 2"NPT 1502 wing nut and female sub

-Standard 50-feet hose, with other hose lengths available. For hose lengths over 50 feet, piston isolator can be used

-Operational temperature ranges of -45℃ to +65℃

To Order Specify

-Hose length

-Gauge amounting

-Required capacity, English or metric

-Single pointer or dual pointer gauge

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